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• Monday, November 03rd, 2008

Skin changes are the most obvious signs of aging. The influence of environment factors upon genetic structures is most obvious here. The clones of mutant cells in the form of pigment spots (dermatoheliosis) appear on the parts of skin that undergo sun radiation. Apart from such heterogeneous pigmentation, you may notice a whole range of other changes – wrinkles, flabby, rough and dry skin, etc. Your hair grows grey and thin, or maybe you start suffering from hair loss: your hair comes out and gets replaced with a thin down with bald patches. Nails grow more slowly, become thicker but fragile.

Mimic wrinkles can appear at the early age

Mimic wrinkles can appear in the early age


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• Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
Jane Fonda - dazzling mature beauty

Jane Fonda - dazzling mature beauty

Nowadays the situation becomes more complicated because we have an opportunity to delay physical signs of aging, at least the most evident of them. Active exercises help us to strengthen flabby hips and belly, moisturizing milk makes our hands and feet softer. Besides, we can’t forget plastic surgery doing miracles: baggy skin below the eyes and double chin disappear as if with a wave of a magic wand. The fact is beyond any doubt – we don’t look the way our mothers did when they were forty years old. But our ability to look young at a mature age actually turns to reality the myth that woman is as good as beautiful she looks. It’s called Jane Fonda effect.