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• Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

There is growing evidence that whey protein triggers the activity of osteoblasts, the cells in bones which are responsible for building new bone. It can play an significant part in increasing bone density and improving the quality of collagen in the conjunctive tissue and skin. There is even some indication that whey protein may prevent or reverse the cross-linking of collagen that comes with aging, and creates wrinkles in die skin.

Whey protein is even being analyzed for its ability to aid protection against cancer and other tumors, both in animals and humans. It is already used to promote the recovery of cancer patients. At last, research demonstrates that whey protein concentrate helps lower cholesterol levels even better than soya.


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• Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Today, more than ever, aging women need to look after their health. As life has become steadily more pressurized, so the stresses and strains to which women are subjected have increased. An aging woman may be preoccupied so much working and holding together a family – cooking, cleaning, planning – being friend, mother and whatsoever, all at once.

As the emphasis of health care moves increasingly towards prevention rather than cure, women can use natural ways to alleviate some minor, yet irritating, conditions. They can also take control of their diet and make sure that they are providing their bodies with the best possible nutrition. Fresh juices, as well as other natural and unprocessed foods, have a role to play in achieving this.


• Tuesday, December 09th, 2008
Menopause signs involve depression muscle weakness

Menopause signs involve depression muscle weakness

During life women undergo the age-specific reduction of female hormones production and content in their organism. The word ‘menopause’ means only a point of time concerned with a menstrual cycle cessation. In fact, the aging of woman’s genital system is a quite extensive process.


• Monday, December 08th, 2008

A modern woman lives usually about 70-80 years. She’s still young at heart and sometimes she thinks that she has only started to enjoy her life, but cruel statistics says: hey, it’s time to be gathered to fathers. Such a pity. Ancient Greeks believed, that a man dies in his childhood, when he dies being seventy years old.

Nobody argues the fact, that healthy lifestyle is good. But it’s a boring thing for many of us and we prefer to go with the stream – to be sick, to age and to die, but only not to exert ourselves. What if you try this “boring occupation” and get all worked-up? Let’s imaging that the longevity process is one of the sport kinds and compete in life duration. Are you 80 years old? Then congratulate yourself on your first personal record! The years of training weren’t a waste of time. You feel young, sprightly and full of energy. This regular easy training is a part of your life and gives pleasure.
According to the Old Testament Methuselah died aged 969. This biblical record seem to be fantastic, but human organism is a very pliant and “self-repair” system. To reach 120 or even 150 years is a quite feasible task.


• Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

This is a quite full and exhaustive list of aging signs.

1. Muscle mass decreases. (muscle/weight/height Body Mass Index Increases)

2. Fat increases as a percentage of body weight.