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Menopause signs involve depression muscle weakness

Menopause signs involve depression muscle weakness

During life women undergo the age-specific reduction of female hormones production and content in their organism. The word ‘menopause’ means only a point of time concerned with a menstrual cycle cessation. In fact, the aging of woman’s genital system is a quite extensive process.

The first deteriorations in woman’s sex sphere begin usually after 30, and especially after 35 years. The production estrogen and progesterone starts decreasing.

The next 5-10 years woman’s menstrual cycle can get upset and the estrogen level can fluctuate greatly. You can notice it by a changing feeling of enlarged and painful breasts, swollen body and irritability, when the estrogens predominate. If you notice this symptoms, you should know that they this are the first signs of menopause. They go together with a shortage of another important female sex hormone – progesterone. The effect of estrogens isn’t balanced and menstrual cycle becomes irregular.

On average climax begins at 51 years, varying within the limits of 40-60 years. The environmental factors exert minor influence on this process. Only genetic factors are responsible for the menopause coming time. The early menopause is associated with the increase of the cardiovascular diseases risk, late menopause – with a risk of breast cancer.

During 5 years after menopause woman loses the elements of the bone tissue much faster than in any other period of her life. As a result – the bones become fragile. The muscles gorw flabby and the fat rate in the organism increases. The figure changes, becoming more “manlike”. The other negative symptoms appear: it’s vagina dryness, sexual attraction decrease, dry skin, hair shedding, bad mood and efficiency reduction.

Healthy lifestyle can delay the coming of age-specific changes and smooth climax consequences. If you maintain a high level of physical activity, watch over your muscles state and eat healthy food, you weight and figure won’t change noticeably.

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    Best Health Advice 

    Here gives the exact symptoms of menopause and gave advice to maintain physical activity and be fit to manage all the pains.Good article

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    Carson Shay 

    There’s increasing research which shows that triggering the body to continue to produce it’s own hormones longer decreases and greatly delay’s the physical and mental effects of menopause. Natural Hormone releasers seem to be the newest treatment.

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