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Skin changes are the most obvious signs of aging. The influence of environment factors upon genetic structures is most obvious here. The clones of mutant cells in the form of pigment spots (dermatoheliosis) appear on the parts of skin that undergo sun radiation. Apart from such heterogeneous pigmentation, you may notice a whole range of other changes – wrinkles, flabby, rough and dry skin, etc. Your hair grows grey and thin, or maybe you start suffering from hair loss: your hair comes out and gets replaced with a thin down with bald patches. Nails grow more slowly, become thicker but fragile.

Mimic wrinkles can appear at the early age

Mimic wrinkles can appear in the early age

Let’s speak about wrinkles. Maybe you think you’re not old yet to have them, but wrinkles are not always a physical sign of aging. Your wrinkles may be caused by various habbits that you don’t even notice. For example knitting your brow when you’re angry, screwing up the eyes when the sun shines right on your face or laughing. The way you sleep is also important. If your head is in the wrong position lying on a pillow too high that your head bends to the neck, you’ll be an owner of neck wrinkles even at the early age.

Still there are more serious factors causing wrinkles and other skin changes. Many women live with internal diseases and often don’t surmise it. The location and depth of wrinkles can tell almost everything about your health.

Cheekbones and chin

1. Flabby skin on cheekbones is an evidence of urinary bladder problems.

2. Wrinkles on cheekbones tell about diminished function of stomach and pancreas.

3. If the skin on cheekbones resembles a very thin pellicle you should check your liver.

4. Slightly swelled up chin – your kidneys work at full stretch.

5. Cross wrinkle on the chin can be a sign of stagnant effects at liver and small pelvis level.

6. If your chin often grows numb, you should visit a cardiologist and make an electrocardiogram – you may have heart problems.

Nasolabial folds

Wrinkles as a map of our health

Wrinkles as a map of your health

1. Swell and changing of your nose shape, its violet hue tell about lungs and large intestine diseases.

2. Deep symmetric wrinkles on each side of the nose are an evidence of gastrointestinal tract disfunction.

3. If nasolabial folds go down to the chin, it means that you have problems with digestion – acidity gastritis, stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, colitis.

4. Vertical skin-deep wrinkles above the upper lip tell about gynecological disorders.

5. Vertical wrinkles from mouth corners give notice of a possible gastritis with a low secretory function and predisposition to pancreas diseases.

6. If there are a lot of small wrinkles around the mouth, then there are spasms in large intestine.

7. White edging around the mouth draws attention to heart diseases.

8. Chaps in the mouth corners tell about water-salt metabolism disturbances or even about hydronephrytis – derangement of water eduction by kidneys.

Forehead and eyes

1. If you have a lot of cross wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, than perhaps you suffer from spine diseases.

2. Horizontal wrinkles on your forehead are a widespread sign of migraines.

3. Deep vertical wrinkle between the eyebrows tells you that your organism has a shortage of oxygen and fresh air.

4. Vertical wrinkle between the eyebrows to the right points at defective liver and gall bladder, to the left – at spleen problems.

5. Vertical wrinkle in the middle of the forehead tells about stomach problems.

6. Wrinkles below the eyes in the form of a half moon are a sign of possible problems with urinary bladder.

7. Swollen upper eyelids let know about kidney problems.

8. Baggy skin below the eyes gives notice of heart diseases.

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