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A modern woman lives usually about 70-80 years. She’s still young at heart and sometimes she thinks that she has only started to enjoy her life, but cruel statistics says: hey, it’s time to be gathered to fathers. Such a pity. Ancient Greeks believed, that a man dies in his childhood, when he dies being seventy years old.

Nobody argues the fact, that healthy lifestyle is good. But it’s a boring thing for many of us and we prefer to go with the stream – to be sick, to age and to die, but only not to exert ourselves. What if you try this “boring occupation” and get all worked-up? Let’s imaging that the longevity process is one of the sport kinds and compete in life duration. Are you 80 years old? Then congratulate yourself on your first personal record! The years of training weren’t a waste of time. You feel young, sprightly and full of energy. This regular easy training is a part of your life and gives pleasure.
According to the Old Testament Methuselah died aged 969. This biblical record seem to be fantastic, but human organism is a very pliant and “self-repair” system. To reach 120 or even 150 years is a quite feasible task.

Sport is training above all, but what is to train in this case? During the aging process the reserve abilities of our every organ dwindle from year to year. Here is the answer: if you don’t want to age, train your reserves, more precisely the reserves of adaptation. To train means to use regularly, but our body reserves are get used when the organism misses something. It can miss food, water, oxygen, information. The deliberate restriction of these elements stimulates the use of the reserve potential, i.e. training. But what can we do to reach longevity?

Training 1 – Fasting


Fasting is one of the oldest methods of the organism renewal

If we restrict ourselves in food, we’ll get a fine method of the organism renewal, which is known from the ancient times. It’s temporary, voluntary and entire rejection in food. The aim of this fasting is a shift to the inner nutrition, i.e. the use of the reserves. You can only drink pure water – a glass of juice will hinder your body in its shift to the inner nutrition and block the mechanisms of the balanced expense of the reserves. It’s better not to start fasting at all, then to fast incorrect. The research results say that during a brief complete starvation the nutrition with your own reserves satisfies completely all requirements of your body and it’s even more useful than usual nutrition. All necessary matters have already been assimilated and they don’t require much consumption of energy and time for their participation in the metabolism process.

You can read about healthy nutrition and fasting in many popular books. One of the manuals can be Paul Bragg’s “Miracle of Fasting”. This famous American has died aged 81 when he was surfing. To the pathologists’ words, his organs and vessels were in a perfect state.

Training 2 – “Dry” fasting

Let’s see what happens during the “dry” fasting when you stop both eating and drinking. The organism consists of water on 70%. Water comes from what we drink and eat, but furthermore about 400 ml water is formed inside as the result of lipids oxidation. When you practice “dry” fasting the amount of that metabolic water increases and satisfies body requirements for a while.

During the “dry” fasting our organism resembles a camel, that can survive in a desert without water and food until it spends its reserves – a hump with fat (the organism synthesizes water from the air oxygen and hydrogen of adipose tissues). Our “hump” is fat excess, atheromae, atherosclerotic plagues in vessels and the other “garbage”, that can’t be removed in usual conditions.

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