• Friday, October 24th, 2008
Mature woman_Aging woman

Mature woman or senescent woman?

Once you notice that your eyes no longer shine as bright as they used to when you were younger. Examining your face in the mirror you can see a lot of vertical wrinkles that you’ve never pay attention to before. And when did those freckles on your hands appear? You may wonder, how a woman that you see in the mirror resembles your mother.

You feel afraid and depressed at the understanding that the youth slips by, the life is half lived and you turn to a woman of ” the certain age ” as French say. This is the moment of realization that you begin to age. The moment, when you captiously peer into yourself and start meditating upon the years left behind: “What did I do until now? “, “Where do I go? “, “What do I want to do in the rest of my life? “. But it’s also the time when you can occupy yourself entirely with your own development and finally do the things that you used to put off till tomorrow.

But when does it happen? Some women begin to feel old and reckon themselves in middle age when they aren’t forty yet. The others start thinking they aren’t young anymore attaining forty years. There are also women feeling youthful after fifty years. And though we usually consider that the transition from the youth to the mature age happens in the middle of our life, it occurs to everyone differently.

Do you know, how often do the women, who haven’t even yet celebrated their thirtieth birthday, look for wrinkles and baggy skin below the eyes? They want to make sure that they have no physical signs of aging and look young. Because the most of us judge the end of youth and the beginning of aging exactly over the appearance of physical changes. No one wants to meet the middle of life with a net of wrinkles under the eyes, wan skin color, gray hair and flabby breasts and belly. Even if you chef finds you an efficient expert and your husband thinks you’re very attractive and sexy, you can’t pass unnoticed the changes occurring to your body.

It’s time to look into yourself and ask a question: are you a mature woman or an aging woman? Your inner voice will tell how old your soul feels.

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    I will use your advice from now on. Jaap

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    Wyatt R. 

    Been visiting this blog for a while now, though I should comment and let you know to keep up the great work!

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