• Saturday, October 25th, 2008
Doesn't aging make you sad?

Aging makes you sad, doesn't it?

You surely do, anyhow if you still aren’t forty. Forty years is a turning point of woman’s life. When you turn forty, you start realizing that the half of your life is behind.

The fear of this number is a fear of aging. The approaching of the fortieth anniversary usually makes you feel doomed and confused, you often get into a sullen mood. But sometimes, when you finely attain this age, you understand that everything isn’t so terrible and you like being a forty years old woman. Painful waiting is behind and you breathe with relief, because you didn’t start looking different or feel different. It seems funny how you could be so afraid of this date.

But still, what are the roots of this fear? Unfortunately, the cultural imperative determines our value according to our appearance, what makes women so sensitive to the physical signs of aging. Notwithstanding that women can be great surgeons, politicians, psychiatrists and scientists, the majority of us still consider, that our value depends on how we look like and not on what we are able to do.

You're always young in the eyes of your children!

You're always young in the eyes of your children!

Women are inclined to equate beauty with sexuality. That is if aging makes our beauty fade, then it diminishes our sexual appeal. If we don’t look sexy enough, we can’t attract sexual partners. If we don’t have a partner, we won’t have children and won’t realize our predestination. Finally, if we don’t realize our predestination, there is no use of us. But does the value of a woman lie in her ability to give birth to a child? Certainly, it doesn’t. Still the fear of aging is rooted exactly in such rules. The aging means for a woman nothing but a “humiliating process of sexual disqualification”.

But if your kids are grown-up and your loving husband is always near to support you, is there any sense of being afraid of the aging process? If you look like a kind careful mother and wife in the eyes of your near relations? If you do, it doesn’t mean that it’s not necessarily for you to care for your face and body. It just means there’s no use to pursue a perfect ageless appearance you used to see on TV. Your value is how much light you have inside to brighten those gloomy autumn days of you life.

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