• Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Today, more than ever, aging women need to look after their health. As life has become steadily more pressurized, so the stresses and strains to which women are subjected have increased. An aging woman may be preoccupied so much working and holding together a family – cooking, cleaning, planning – being friend, mother and whatsoever, all at once.

As the emphasis of health care moves increasingly towards prevention rather than cure, women can use natural ways to alleviate some minor, yet irritating, conditions. They can also take control of their diet and make sure that they are providing their bodies with the best possible nutrition. Fresh juices, as well as other natural and unprocessed foods, have a role to play in achieving this.

Anemia (also anaemia) is a common problem among aging women who do not absorb enough iron and folk acid through their diet. A lack of these nutrients affects the production of red blood cells (haemoglobin). It can also occur among those who have very heavy periods, through which too many red blood cells are lost. Symptoms are pale skin, pale lining of the mouth, and sore tongue, often accompanied by fatigue and lack of energy. The following juices contain moderate levels of iron and folic acid, but if you are anemic to some degree, it is wise to increase your intake of fish, red meat, liver and dried fruits too.

Here are some great recipes of juices that certainly have some anti aging effect:

1/4 beetroot
2oz/50g chunk kale
2 1/2 large carrots


1/2 medium pineapple
2 passion fruit 1 tangerine


4oz/125g chunk of red cabbage
2 large carrots 2oz/50g parsley


6oz/175g strawberries
2oz/50g blackberry 1 apple

Each recipe makes approx. one 8fl oz/230ml glass of juice. Adults can drink up to three glasses daily, but do vary the juice combinations for maximum benefit. Dilute with water if you prefer. Juice each ingredient then blend using a spoon. And it really makes a great anti aging product!

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